Ponkin I.V., Redkina A.I. Critical Analysis of R. McLaren’s Second Report dated 09.12.2016 «WADA Investigation of Sochi Allegations»

The subject of this Critical Analysis is the content of the Second Report «WADA Investigation of Sochi allegations» dated December 9, 2016, prepared by Richard H. McLaren, referred to as «Independent person» (IP), at the request of the World Anti-Doping Agency and submitted to the President of WADA.

The goal of this critical analysis is to evaluate legal and factual validity of the above R. McLaren’s Second Report, legal possibility and justification for using this Report as the grounds (ex post facto) to ban the Russian Paralympics team from competing at the Rio 2016 Paralympics and a number of the Russian athletes from competing at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, as the ground and reason of other current or future restrictive and repressive measures in respect of the Russian athletes, sports organizations, and national teams.

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